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Alarms and Immobilisers

Autosounds are a  supplier of many of the world’s most advanced  vehicle security systems. Our Vodafone Automotive anti-theft systems are designed and manufactured in Italy at Vodafone Automotive ’s our own state of the art production facilities, exceeding the stringent requirements of the major car manufacturers and the strictest European quality standards.

Vodafone Automotive vehicle alarms and immobilisers are Thatcham approved and recognised by the UK’s major insurers, who may offer a reduced insurance group rating or premium discount.

The range now includes the new A4600 Series of Thatcham 2-1 approved CAN integrated alarms, fully compatible with OE immobilisers and with a wide range of CAN-bus protocols.

Vodafone Automotive offers a comprehensive portfolio of vehicle security solutions with an extensive range of programmable features.

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As the name implies a slamlock automatically locks and secures as the door is closed, requiring the use of the legitimate key to regain access.

Due to the automatic operation of a slam lock, they are recommended for load area doors and are Ideal for multi-drop situations.

Upgrade and convert the standard vehicle (O.E.) locks fitted to vehicle load doors, to genuine slam operation.

The kit replaces the manufacturer’s vulnerable barrel, and internal mechanism where appropriate, with High Security custom designed products, designed to resist attack and tampering.

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Deadlocks are the most common type of supplementary vehicle lock, available in a wide range of door specific kits to meet your requirements.

Euro-deadlocks are true deadlocks, they have an internal mechanism which only ‘lifts’ when the correct key is being used to unlock the device, and this prevents the lock bolt being pushed back into the lock case.

Cheaper ‘deadlocks’ often rely solely on the actual key barrel to provide ‘deadlocking’, resulting in a much lower level of security.

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