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With more and more Motorhomes on the road the list of must haves and essential aids are forever expanding. Autosounds specialise in the supply and installation of specialist products for your motorhome such as:

  • Alarm and security systems
  • Vehicle tracking systems
  • Rear and side view camera systems
  • Specialist Navigation systems
  • DVR and accident witness cameras
  • Audio upgrades
  • Heated seats

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Thatcham Alarms

Thatcham Alarms

Thatcham Category 2-1 alarm will give you peace of mind and a possible discount on your insurance premium. Our alarms offer the highest level of protection with security features including:

  •  Perimeter protection
  •  Interior movement detection
  •  Immobilisation (if not already present on vehicle)
  •  Gas sensor
  •  Automatic hazard light activation
  •  Insurance approved & complies to strict European homologation requirements
  •  2 remote controls
  •  Battery backup siren
  •  Remote contacts available to protect lockers (optional)


(stolen vehicle recovery)
Thatcham Category 6 rated GPS stolen vehicle tracking system.

Cruise Control

Maintains a set speed to reduce fuel consumption & avoid accidental speeding. Makes driving long journeys more comfortable.

Satellite Navigation

A range of built-in European satellite navigation systems are available to make getting to your destination easier. All come with touch-screen, comprehensive maps, points of interest, handsfree & much more. Portable systems are also available.

Bluetooth Hands Free Kits

Enables you to place and receive calls in comfort and safety, without ever touching your mobile phone. Parrot CK3100 model shown but a range of models are available.


Rear Camera Systems

Reverse safely with a rear camera system. Features a 7″ colour monitor, waterproof & shockproof rear camera with mirror image function & LED night vision. The exact location of this depends upon the motorhome but generally the screen is dash mounted and the camera is positioned at the top of the rear of the motorhome.

Parking Sensors

Audible rear parking system to aid parking. An audible warning signal, increasing in frequency, is transmitted to the driver the closer they get to the obstacle. When the beeping is constant, it’s time to stop! Visual screens are also available.